LENGTH: 14 km



Not to be missed:

  • Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta
  • the “Conche” of Cavallino
  • the “bilance” along the Sile, houses on stilts equipped with arms with attached fishing nets
  • the Cavallino lighthouse, 48 meters high.


The route “delle 3 acque” (“of the 3 waters”) takes its name from the three environments linked to water that are encountered during the route: the fresh water of the Sile river, the water of the lagoon which joins that of the river and the water of the Adriatic sea. The route is immersed in quiet, away from traffic for the most part, easy to follow. The gaze is lost in the northern lagoon to linger on the vegetable gardens cultivated with intensive and protected crops. Crossing the hinterland you pass by private houses, where you can see some farmers intent on their work and smell the scent of wisteria if you pass in spring.